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When we say 'hardcore' shooting, we're not 'avin a bubble! No namby pamby air rifles or clay pigeons. We've got something a little tastier in store for your stag weekend. How does shooting with real pistols and revolvers loaded with live ammo grab you? If that's the kind of thing that makes you roar: 'Hells yeah!' get the lads over to Hamburg and let rip at the city's shooting range.

More intense and exhilarating than clay shooting, this session allows you to live out those fantasies of stepping into a classic cop movie or spy flick. You've seen Die Hard, Dirty Harry and Bourne, now it's time to step up and see if you've what it takes to blast a target to kingdom come.

It doesn't matter if a Dirty Harry boxset is the closest you've ever come to a Magnum revolver. Professional instructors who really know their shizzle will be on hand to ensure you know how to handle firearms safely, and teach you proper shooting techniques. When you're all up to speed, it's time to get the banter going and fire up the competitive spirit with a shoot-out.

Emerge wild eyed and buzzed up to oblivion! Only one thing for it, glasses of frothy German bier at one of Hamburg's harbourside pubs.


  • Try 3 different guns, including the Magnum revolver
  • 40 bullets each
  • Safety briefing
  • Learn professional shooting techniques with experienced instructors
  • Ear defenders
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