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Get the lads back in the game on your Hamburg stag do: throw them in a massive room with hundreds of trampolines!

This is one of our favourite things to do on a Saturday afternoon in the German city. Superbly silly and a massive amount of fun, Hamburg's Jump House caters to every taste-as long as your taste is for leaping as high in the air as you can go!

There are battle courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and 'free' courts (just trampolines) at this unique venue. You get to pick what to play, then the helpful and friendly staff send you off to enjoy an hour of jumping around like a loon.

Go back to your boyhood days and perform tricks on the free courts. Pull off some epic air as you slam dunk a basketball with a little bit of help from your trampoline. Divvy the boys up into teams and face off against each other in an epic game of trampoline dodgeball or volleyball.

As well as being loads of fun, this is one hell of a workout. You're guaranteed to sweat off the beers you drank on the first night of your Hamburg stag do, and you'll definitely work up a thirst for more beverages by the time you finish!

The Jump House is a quality activity for lads who like to bust out a sweat on the second day of a stag do. Reset the 'beer calorie counter' to zero, and have some serious fun doing it.

In a nutshell:

  • All necessary equipment (trampolines, non-slip socks)
  • Free jump
  • Game jumps (dodgeball or volleyball)
  • Basketball slam jump
  • 1 hour on any jump court
  • Guide
  • Minimum 8 people
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