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Sir, yes sir! Lock and load state-of-the-art paintball weaponry for the ultimate stag party challenge. This is no Saturday afternoon bumble round the woods, gents. This is stone cold simulated battle, taking place in an epic outdoor arena!

We've got you game passes for Hamburg's most sought-after paintball spot, where quality outdoor areas give you plenty of space for classic stag party games. Hunt down your groom with extreme prejudice, show no mercy to the opposing team as you capture their flag, and go down in a glorious hail of paint bullets as you engage in epic free-for-alls!

With themed games, man-made and natural obstacles and plenty of ammo (you get 200 paintballs per combatant), this is the perfect opportunity to settle scores and sweat out hangovers. If getting an adrenaline pump is high on your list of priorities, sign up your team and prepare for war!

There's a reason paintball is one of the most-booked stag party activities of them all. What's not to like? Blast the living heck out of your mates, run off the beer from last night's drinking games and corner the groom for a pelleting he'll never forget. Solid gold.

In a nutshell:

  • Great outdoor paintball arena in Hamburg
  • 200 balls each
  • 90 minutes of play
  • Safety gear and instruction
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Pick from one of our Hamburg stag party packages below

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This Package Includes

  • Paintballing
  • Meal and Strip Show
  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

From £255.00

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