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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see activities available in Hamburg.

Size matters. Find out why when your stag party gets unleashed on a Hamburg shooting range with the biggest calibre handguns in existence! You'll feel like Robocop or Dirty Harry when you pull the trigger on these bad boys...

To get your eye in (and get you ready for the monster recoil of the bigger models), you'll start off with .22 calibre revolvers or pistols. Learn to hold the weapon correctly, adjust for barrel movement when you aim, and control your breathing to minimise bucking when you pull the trigger. After a 10 shot round, you'll be ready to swap your Saturday night specials for the real deal!

Wielding either a .45, a 9mm pistol or a .357 Magnum (the favourite gun of legendary screen badass Harry Callahan), every chap in the stag party gets 10 big bullets to play with. Can you take what you've learned, and transpose the skills to a larger weapon? With real recoil and serious stopping power, these guns are guaranteed to separate the killer cops from the lame ducks!

Seriously gents, you can't beat a bit of bullet-based mayhem on a Saturday afternoon. Doesn't matter how hungover you are: as soon as you get that Colt in your hands, all headaches will be forgotten (well, until you pull the trigger...)!

In a nutshell:

  • Shooting range in Hamburg
  • Fire small and large calibre handguns
  • Full instruction and safety briefing
  • 10 rounds from a .22, 10 rounds from a big gun (i.e. .357 Magnum)
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