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Give the groom a proper eyeful with a smoking hot strip! We can arrange a saucy fraulein to make his day in multiple stag party locations around Hamburg.

Add her to a riverboat cruise for some water-based awesomeness, or get her to come and perform an eye popping after dinner routine. You could even arrange for some naked fun back at your apartment or hotel room!

There's nothing like springing a stripper on the groom as a total surprise. Keep her a secret and throw her into the mix at the perfect moment.

If you want to scare the hell out of him, wait until he's in the shower, or getting ready for bed, then bring a stripper on for maximum terror! Or, if you're feeling merciful, you could arrange for the show to happen while the lads are all getting ready for a night out in Hamburg.

Have her in to perform while you're waiting for a limo or taxi. Even better, get her to strip in the car. Now that's what we call a good start to a night out!

It would be wrong not to hire a stripper on a stag party. We'll make sure she's the best.

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party stripper
  • 15 minute show
  • Available in multiple locations/activities around Hamburg
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