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Go retro on day two of your stag weekend with a few frames in a popular Hamburg bowling alley! Wannabe Dudes and Kingpins will be replaying favourite scenes from bowling movies, while everyone else takes the edge off hangovers with a couple of beers and enjoys the banter. Perfect.

You get as many lanes as you need - there are five in total - and private use of the alley for the duration of your game. Split the boys into teams of 4-6, give them a lane each and get rolling!

We recommend sticking to individual games, rather than trying to run an alley-wide competition: but if you reckon you've got the brain-power to manage a multi-lane championship after a night out in Hamburg, fill your boots!

The lanes are yours for one hour, but you'll get to hang out in the alley for longer.

Bowling is a quality stag weekend group activity, suitable for everyone. Lads with a competitive streak get to play hard, chaps who just want to chill with the boys can socialise while you throw, and no-one has to break into a sweat. With one massive night out in Hamburg already under your belts, you'll be glad of the chance to change pace. Steee-rike!

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