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Double up on the adrenaline sports with this killer water package! Just the ticket for lads who like a bit of excitement on a stag party afternoon, wakeboarding and water skiing are guaranteed to blast headaches away! Are you ready to get wet?

Water skiing and wakeboarding require similar skills, but the board option is slightly trickier as your craft is smaller. We recommend mounting up on skis first to get the hang of water craft, then taking on the wakeboard challenge when your confidence is up!

The key to both sports is to keep your centre of balance under control. Wait for the tow cable to start moving you through the water, then lean away from it to stand.

If you can stay in control of your weight through the turns, you'll find your skis or board skim over the surface of the water with ease. Just don't go too far back or you'll dig in a tail and stack it!

No feller worth his salt will be able to resist the challenge of mastering these classic watersports. And with plenty of well-formed Hamburgerins (ladies from Hamburg) looking on, it's only a matter of time before the groom starts trying to pull off epic manoeuvres. Make sure you've got your smartphone ready to capture his hilarious wipeout!

In a nutshell:

  • Epic stag party watersports afternoon
  • Try water skiing and wakeboarding
  • All equipment and instruction
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