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If there's one sight you have to see when you're in Hvar, it's the two fortresses. The Spanish and Napoleonic castles (Fortica Spanjola and Fortica Napoljun) stand over the town like the remnants of a film set. Only they're real, and they're absolutely awesome.

Hook up with a local guide for a tour of both fortresses, which combines some epic hiking with entrance to the two castles.

You'll start with a route that leads from the streets of Hvar town to the Spanish fortress, where you'll find ancient cannons and collections of the amphorae used to transport wine and olive oil.

Next up, your stag party heads onto the highest trail in the Hvar town area, and treks up the Napoleonic fort. As well as visiting the castle, you'll also be treated to some of the most impressive views on the island, taking in the Adriatic, the Spanish fort and the town of Hvar itself.

Your fortress walk isn't just about visiting old castles. Finish sweating out those stag party hangovers with an amazing trek back to Hvar, through the pine woods and stone quarries surrounding the city.

In a nutshell:

  • Sightseeing tour of the two fortresses overlooking Hvar
  • Guide
  • Entrance fees included in the price
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