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Hvar is surrounded by awesome climbing country - including this newly opened face just a short distance from the town. Get your hit of stag weekend adrenaline with tailor-made routes up into the rocks!

There's nothing like a bit of pant-wetting terror to get the boys back on form after a night out in Hvar! When you're halfway up the traverse, clasping a rock and wishing you were in the pub, you'll wonder why you ever let yourself in for it. Then you make it over the ledge, and feel like Rocky. Is that Eye of the Tiger you can hear playing in the background...?

A quality stag weekend team-builder, climbing is the perfect combination of exertion, concentration and balls-out fear! There will be moments when you look at what's coming next and can't see any way of making it up. Listen to your instructor, and she'll get you through.

Every climb is tailored to the fitness and confidence levels of the group, and your instructor will pick the most rewarding routes for you to get to the top. Expect to do a minimum of 2-4 routes each.

Did we mention the views? There's a reason Hvar is consistently voted as one of the 10 best islands on earth! Sit back, and take it all in. You earned it.

In a nutshell:

  • Climb in the beautiful Hvar countryside
  • No experience necessary
  • All equipment, guide and instruction
  • 2-4 routes each
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