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You don't come all the way to Ibiza on a stag weekend to spend your time footling around in taxis! Make a proper statement with a limousine and strippers. It's the only way to travel.

Picture the scene. You land at Ibiza airport, a couple of celebratory beers into the stag weekend already. And while other stag parties are staggering around the arrivals hall trying to scare up a taxi number, you lot are met by our drivers and marched out to your limo.

The tinted windows reflect the sun, and the heads of palm trees. Hotties in skimpy outfits give you more than a second glance as the doors are held open for you, and you pile inside like a visiting rock band...

Sounds good, doesn't it. It's even better when there are hotties inside the limo too! As the man of the moment settles into the leather seats and you crack open the champagne, a stripper or strippers (your call) sets about making the ride into Ibiza Town even more awesome!

There's nothing like a private lady show in the back of a limo to get the stag weekend up and running. Say the word, and we'll do the rest.

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