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Ibiza doesn't wind down when the sun comes up. Far from it. After a quick shower and a bite to eat, the 24 hour party people are on a mission to find the craziest adrenaline rushes in the western world. Hit the island's karting circuit for a legendary afternoon screaming around the track on high end karts and hilarious mini motos!

A good old fashioned grand prix is the ideal way to spend a couple of fun-filled hours in the sun. Put the pedal to the floor and fight it out with the boys for a high position on the starting grid. Or go wild on mini motos and see if you can finish a lap without laughing so hard you have to stop!

Fun is the name of the game on an Ibiza stag do. It doesn't get much more enjoyable than this. Sun's out, a cool breeze is coming in off the beach, and you've just cut up the groom for the eighth consecutive lap. The perfect break from the madness of the island's bars and clubs, a karting afternoon will have every man jack of you punching the air and yelling like little boys. Awesome.

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Outdoor Karting

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