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Now then lads. There are three reasons to come to Ibiza on a stag weekend: sun, superclubs and hotties wiggling their asses in tiny bikinis. We've thrown the lot into the kind of party package you've only ever dreamed of. 3 hours. 4 free drinks, tits and fun. Boom!

You'll start with an exclusive boat party, crammed with fitties in full-on Ibiza party mode and sound tracked by live DJs spinning Balearic house. Three hours of moving, grooving and schmoozing and one sunset later, and you'll be heading back to the mainland. Join the loved-up ladies under the foam cannons, worship at the church of beats and give it up for the island that invented the all-night bender.

When the last break's dropped, and the final random hottie's snogged your face off (don't tell the girls back home, boys), your stag party isn't going home. Oh no. Carry on drinking or collapse on a poolside bed and relive the insanity you've just experienced. You've got the whole of Saturday in front of you to recover before you do it all again. Sweet.

Options to upgrade to include club entry packages available.

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fancy border Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise

This Package Includes

  • Sunset Cruise
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

From £135.00

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