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Ibiza is a 24 hour party destination - and that means living the lifestyle from dawn til dusk as well as all night long! Mack out with your boys in the most pimpin' way possible. Grab a yacht charter, and hang in the clear blue waters of the Med with superstar DJs, holidaying celebs and supermodels.

After the final choons have been spun at Amnesia and Pacha, and the beachfront chill bars have closed their doors for the morning, the sea's the only place to be seen in Ibiza. Cool off with your stag party in some of the least-known, best hidden spots on the White Idle's coast. You'll find secluded bays, local coves and amazing caves, all backdropped by the legendary sparkling sand and soundtracked by the latest Balearic beats.

Crack open a beer from the cooler, stretch out on the yacht's sun deck and catch some rays. Take a snorkel overboard when you moor up in a hidden cove. Or blast those synapses back to life with a wakeboarding session. Whether you want to chill it right down or wind it up again, this luxury yacht has everything you need to keep that Ibiza feeling going!

Make the most of your stag party in the most beautiful place on earth. Get out and experience everything Ibiza has to offer!

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fancy border Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter

This Package Includes

  • Yacht Charter
  • Reserved Area in Party Bar
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

From £176.00

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