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Kiev's crammed with hostels, making it a perfect place for budget-conscious stag parties who want to protect the beer fund. It's also well stocked with midrange hotels and apartments; or if you want to try out the lifestyle of the glitterati, you can head for the huge central hotels owned by Ukrainian billionaires and internationally renowned luxury chains.

Wherever you choose to go, we'll find you the best stag party deals - and if you don't know where in Kiev you want to stay, we can point you in the direction of hotels and hostels that fit your budget perfectly. Just tell us what you want from your accommodation - spas, fitness suites and 24 hour room service for a weekend of total luxury, or basic brilliance for the stag party that just wants somewhere to crash out for a few hours a night - and we'll do the rest.

Want a smoking room, or a night bar with spectacular views of the city? Or perhaps a hostel that has its own cinema for the inevitable Saturday afternoon crash-outs. We know which hostels, apartments and hotels put you right in the party zones of Frunze, Moskovska and Rybalska; and where to go for the all important English speaking receptionist!

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation however 3 - 10 nights' accommodation is also available.

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