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When you touch down at Boryspil International Airport, what do you want to do? Spend a stressful couple of hours trying to decipher the signs, talk to the local taxi drivers and arrange a group price to get your stag party into the city? Or swan out of arrivals into your waiting luxury vehicle, roll down the window and let the 45 minute drive to your accommodation put you in the mood to party?

We thought so. Which is why we've joined forces with a reputable local transport firm to bring you chauffeur pickups and drop-offs just when you need them most. Get straight into Kiev and on with the serious business of the stag weekend when you arrive: and get out smoothly on the last day, no matter how hungover you are. It's easy when you know how!

A stag weekend is no time to be messing around trying to herd your mates into taxi-friendly groups: and it's certainly no time to try and find your way from a bus stop to a hotel. Smartphone or not, wandering around the streets of Kiev looking like a prize lemon is hardly the best way to kick off your stag party.

Get the jump on the queues, avoid rip offs and cut through all the usual 'just arrived' crap. This is your stag do, and drinking time's a wastin'!

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