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This is a great alternative to the normal sit down stag party dinner. Get the lads involved and smash it. Free beer served in tubes (down in one, gents!), a bunch of traditional Polish munch to keep those rumbling tums satisfied... what more could you want from an evening in a Krakow pub?

Awesome for bigger stag parties (the micro brewery pub in the centre of Krakow can cater for between 8 and 30 people), a brewery meal puts you in a restaurant attached to a brewery pub right in the middle of the Old Town. You'll be served a number of traditional appetizers, perfect for eating with classic Polish beer, plus three kinds of main course and a cherry vodka shot to finish it all off. Neck those beers, get serious about food and pound your shots before you head out into the Old Town to carry on drinking.

We love the traditional brewery meal on the first night of a stag weekend - it gives you a chance to check out Krakow while you're eating, shows you how the land lies and introduces you to a gorgeous English speaking guide who can help you put the moves on the local ladies. Score!

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I Love Beer

This Package Includes

  • Traditional Brewery Meal
  • Polish Beer Tasting
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

From £111.00

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