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Give the groom the ultimate Leeds stag night by joining forces with the Bar Crawl Babes! Girls who know how to have a good time will dress in sexy outfits and take you to the hottest bars and pubs in Leeds. They'll convince you to accept drinking challenges, flirt with you, and whisk you off to a strip club. Only a monk could resist such a tempting opportunity. This is the stag, not the wedding reception. Go crazy.

The girls turn up looking amazing, and take care of business. They'll get a beer fund going so you don't have to fanny about with rounds. Leave the cash to the girls; they'll pay for drinks and strip club out of the kitty. Speaking of strippers, you'll be seeing Leeds' hottest at the club! It's bums and boobs out as the girls spin, shake and shimmy their way across the floor.

Bring the Bar Crawl Babes along on the Leeds stag night and there's no telling what might happen. But you know it'll be sweet! Leeds has a whole bunch of top nightlife and drinking areas. Call Lane has everything from boisterous pubs to hip party bars and places that do great drinks promotions. Whatever else happens, you'll end the night at a popular club.

In brief:

  • Bar Crawl Babes in sexy costumes spend the stag night with you
  • Bar, pub and club crawl of Leeds
  • Strip club at the halfway point
  • Girls set up a kitty for you
  • Freebies, promotions and prizes
  • Bierkeller maid fancy dress for the groom
  • End the night at a club
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