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Need beer, need burger. Got both! Slap bang in the heart of Leeds city centre, there's a bar serving spectacularly satisfying burgers and super-cold brewskis just the way you like them. Get involved for a stag party meal that's just what the team needs to get back on form!

Ideal for a lunch after the first night of your stag has worn off, or for refuelling the lads who after they've travelled up to Leeds to take part, this beer and burger meal is perfect. It's quick, it's simple and it's mouthwateringly awesome.

Choose from classic American beef burgers, Moroccan style veggie burgers, and delicious chicken burgers - all served with the sides that make the difference. Skinny fries, fat chips, Cajun dusty skin-on fries, Mac and cheese... You name it, you can have it. Bulk up the man-portions with extra slaw and onion rings, dip into salads and dips or fire things up with smoky chorizo ketchup.

Did we mention you get beer too? Choose from an array of European, American and worldwide craft brews, including examples from as far afield as Australia and Argentina. And you can toast the host without worrying about post-eats arguments, because we'll factor the cost of the meal into your stag party price. Now that's what we call a tasty burger.

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