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'Here at Globo Gym, we're better than you - and we know it.'

You've watched Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn go toe-to-toe in the movie Dodgeball, now experience this brutally competitive, completely unfair sport on your stag do. Leeds is the location, and you'll get a properly planned tournament overseen by an instructor, who also plays ref. We'll book a court at a sports venue within easy reach of Leeds city centre. No previous experience or talent required. Just bring your trainers and a killer instinct.

After the host (if you're fortunate you'll get a pretty female one) has run through the really loose rules, it's straight down to business. Play the basic 'pick off the slowest first' format, and then have a bit of fun with variations like 'Get the Stag' and 'Stag Punishment'. You see where we're going with this!

There's just one decision you'll need to make: which team will be the underdogs from Average Joe's and who gets to don the black and purple jumpsuits of Globo Gym?

As a stag do destination, Leeds rocks. When you've done dodgeball, head off to one of the squillions of pubs for post-battle beers. You can't turn a corner without running into a proper pub, craft beer pub, or trendy bar. They're everywhere, from Brewery Wharf to Briggate, where you'll find the legendary Whitelocks - king of old school boozers.

In a nutshell:

  • Up to 90 minutes of dodgeball
  • Organised mini tournament featuring different games
  • Venue near Leeds city centre
  • Host to go through the 3 rules of dodgeball
  • Team strip/fancy dress encouraged
  • Dodgeball needs a minimum of 8 players
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