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Ok, who stole the steering wheel?!

Absolutely hilarious and surprisingly challenging, mini tank paintball is only available to stag parties in certain locations. Leeds is one of the few. Grab the chance to take a team of these mini monsters for a spin round an all-weather, 50-acre woodland adventure park in the wilds of West Yorkshire. Whilst blasting the living daylights out of each other with turret-mounted paintball cannons.

Located an hour from Leeds city centre, the mini tank driving site's got mud pits, trenches, bogs, humps and bumps galore. Tackle the lot in purpose-built Tiger tanks with powerful Kawasaki engines, controllable speed settings and full suspension. These small but mighty machines pack 400ccs of power.

Oh, and did we mention the paintball cannons? That's right, soldier! You get to fire actual paint-filled projectiles at actual tanks. With big-bore guns. Score!

The lack of steering wheel is weird, never mind driving with only your head poking out of the hatch! You'll feel like someone stole your body and replaced it with a robot - always a hilarious thing to watch, especially after a night on the lash.

Got the nuts? Round up the troops, fall in and get busy. It's time to find out.

Mini tank paintball in Leeds Includes:

  • Driver briefing
  • Instruction
  • Army helmets
  • Paintball cannon projectiles
  • Approximately one hour from the city centre

Duration: 1 hour approx.

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Mini Tank Paintball

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