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If you want to get a stag night started straight off the bat, tequila tasting will do the trick! We'll book you in for a masterclass on Mexico's mad national drink at a Leeds city centre venue. Down six shots, take the blind taste challenge, separate tequila fact from fiction and then stroll over to the Calls or Lower Briggate for a bar crawl. Stag do smashed!

Tequila tasting starts a couple of ice breakers, which is very handy if not everyone on the stag night knows each other. Trade tales of all the stupid, hilarious stuff you've done after a wild night on the tequila slammers.

You'll also learn a few fascinating facts about tequila. Did you know that the drink was originally made in the town of Tequila, which was established in 1666? Coincidence? We think not!

Next, it's time for the big event: tequila tasting!

You'll taste different types of tequila (up to five) and have a bash at identifying the primo quality shizzle from beneath the bar rocket fuel. There are booby prizes for those who can't tell a silver tequila from an extra aged one.

Tequila tasting in Leeds includes:

  • 6 shots each
  • History, facts and myths
  • Blind tasting
  • Certificates
  • One for the road!
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Tequila Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Tequila Tasting
  • Stag v Food
  • Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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