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Have a five star Liverpool stag night with the Bar Crawl Babes! These lasses will give you the night of your lives. They turn up in sexy costumes and get the banter going with games, dares, challenges, and prizes. There's a strip club halfway round, and a nightclub at the end. Plus you'll get to stroll around Liverpool with outrageously hot girls in sexy gear. The whole thing will go smoothly and you'll be the best man who sorted it. Well played, fella!

Drink, dance, flirt, ogle, drink some more, and don't worry about a damn thing. That's the beauty of doing a Liverpool stag night with Bar Crawl Babes. They take care of business leaving the best man free to enjoy himself with the group. No arguments over where to go or money. Everyone hands over money for the kitty at the start, and the girls keep it for you. Easy life.

Having the strip club part of a Liverpool stag night planned is a big plus. You don't want to waste time getting lost in the streets off Concert Square trying to find one. The girls know exactly where you're going and will handle paying for it out of the kitty.

This is how you do a Liverpool stag night. Bar Crawl Babes has it all: beer, stag challenges, strippers, and free stuff.

In brief:

  • Spend your stag night with the Liverpool Bar Crawl Babes
  • Girls accompany you to bars and pubs
  • Strip club
  • Challenges and prizes
  • Optional Bavarian beer girl outfit for the stag
  • Promotions and offers
  • Nightclub
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