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Go on a Liverpool stag party and rag the hell out of dirt buggies! We've found a belting activity site just 30 minutes in the car from Liverpool, which has dirt buggies with proper gears, powerful engines and hefty tyres. Think you could tame one? Step up to the challenge and put a team of dirt buggies through their paces on a track that's got mud and bumps so big they'll send you flying. Tell the lads to bring old jeans and trainers - you'll be covered with mud in seconds.

When you arrive at the site, the instructors will dish out the driving helmets and show you to the dirt buggies. They're fast, filthy, and equipped to handle the site's off road track. The question is - can you control one? And get round the course without crashing into the cleverly placed tyres? You'll have your work cut out. Half the battle is staying focused when you're getting splattered with mud! Who will be kind of the course when the instructors reveal the lap times?

If you're organising a Liverpool stag party for a right petrol head, dirt buggies is just the job. Speed, mud, lumps, and raw power - what more could a man possibly want from a driving activity?

In brief:

  • Go off roading in dirt buggies
  • Driving site near Liverpool
  • Instruction given
  • Dirt buggies can do 35mph
  • Gearboxes and car engines
  • Tackle a track with big bumps and mud
  • Tackle a 600m off road track with bumps, drops, chicanes and obstacles
  • Driving experience preferred
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