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Is it a jet ski? Is it a tank? Is it a Segway? All three, baby! When it comes to crazy driving activities for Liverpool stag dos, DTV shredder tops the list. Have your skills pushed and get an intense adrenaline rush as you take these mad machines round an off road course just outside Liverpool.

Adrenaline junkies and petrol heads will love DTV shredder. This is sports driving gone wild! The instructors will explain what to do and how to control a shredder. You'll be wearing the latest helmets, equipped with smart features that allow them to give you instructions remotely. Get tips and advice on what to do while you're actually up and riding.

Once you've had a practice, it's game on! Hit the trail and face all sorts of surprises and challenges. As this is off road riding, you can expect plenty of bumps and mud. Keep your cool, stay focused, and battle it out to get round first.

Our new favourite activity for Liverpool stag dos, DTV shredder is unique, bonkers, and a massive buzz. Slay the challenge and you'll be buzzing for hours afterwards.

In brief:

  • DTV shredder activity
  • Outdoor activities site close to Liverpool
  • Learn how to ride a cross between a skateboard and a tank
  • Go round an off road course
  • Instruction given
  • Equipment provided
  • Helmets and body armour supplied
  • 5 shredders to 10 people
  • Minimum group size 4, maximum 10
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