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No prizes for diving!

Electric shock football is the opportunity you've been waiting for. In this game, you can shock the ref for being useless and the players for tackles and anything else you fancy. If you're sorting a Liverpool stag party and want something to keep the boys happy, this is how you get it there. You'll play a few games so everyone has the opportunity to play and dish out the punishment with the electric shock devices. So you won't need to draw straws or anything. It's all fair. Ish!

One thing you need to know before you book: this is for men, not boys. Everyone has to be over 18. No exceptions.

An event coordinator will organise the whole thing, and get you all set up with the necessary gear. These are connected to the electric shock devices. Then it's time for the games! They're short, funny little shocks, nothing too major. It's just a laugh, so treat it that way. If you can't help laughing when people trip, drop ice creams or stack it, you're in for a treat!

People's reactions will inevitably vary when they receive a shock. Are you a jumper, a squealer, a ranter or a strong silent type who takes it all in their stride?

No one will expect this and that's what makes it a winner for a Liverpool stag party. Before you do the Beatles stuff and hit the Albert Dock, do something amazing: smash electric shock football!

In a nutshell:

  • Electric shock football
  • Different games
  • Instructor/organiser
  • 10 shock devices
  • All football equipment is provided
  • Pitch for 60 minutes
  • Group photo
  • Over 18s only
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