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A GPS treasure hunt of Liverpool combines sightseeing with team challenges and code breaking in a competitive race against time. Split into teams and see which group can crack the six-digit master code first. This is a great way to see Liverpool's legendary landmarks and keep the lads entertained on a stag do.

A GPS treasure hunt is self-run, so you can do it at any time during your stag weekend. All the clues are based around top landmarks in Liverpool city centre, like The Cavern Club, St George's Hall and The Royal Liver Building.

A GPS treasure hunt of Liverpool is delivered via cutting-edge text message technology. Clues are texted free of charge, all you need is one smart phone per team. No messing about with pens and paper or quibbling over final scores. You'll get some cracking conundrums to solve, and the unique app means you can't unlock the next clue until you've sorted the one you're on.

Pick a suitably witty team name, enter it, solve the clues, confirm the master code and get your official finish time. You can even request a couple of lifelines for clues you can't solve.

Ideal for the Saturday of a stag weekend, this is cheap as chips and makes a change from the usual stag activities.

Duration: 2-3 hours

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