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A hovercrafting stag party in Liverpool will take the adrenaline from 0-60 in five seconds. Fancy racing massive air cushions round a course with grass, marshland, mud and water? Who wouldn't? That's exactly what you're going to do. The most fun a lad can have in the North East, hovercrafting has to be done at least once. Jump behind the controls and feel like a total badass as you race your mates and splash mud left, right and centre.

The instructors are top lads and will soon have you all hovercrafting. Find out how to control what is basically a massive air bed with an engine! Howl laughing as you team up and take the hovercrafts out on a course with plenty of challenges to nail. Not easy when you're trying to steer something that slips and slides around like a giant bar of soap!

Have your stag party in Liverpool and hovercrafting goes from something you see on the internet, to something you can actually do. This activity is only available in certain locations, and Liverpool is one of the lucky few. Grab the chance with both hands and smash the hell out of it!

In brief:

  • Hovercrafting stag part in Liverpool
  • Race hovercrafts round an off-road course
  • Instruction given
  • Helmets supplied
  • Tackle mud, marsh and trails
  • Wear clothes you don't care about
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