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Liverpool - home of sports, music and the biggest clubbing scene in the country. How are you ever going to see all of it in a single stag weekend?

Tick the sights, and some of the bars, off your list with this epic afternoon activity! Ultimate Stag Treasure Hunt does exactly what it says on the tin - challenges you lot to put your money where your mouth is, while you leg it around Liverpool doing stupid stuff for laughs.

Can you persuade the hottest girl in Mathew Street to give you a sexy pose for the camera? What will the tourists in Concert Square think, when you take it over to film your most outlandish goalscoring celebrations?

As well as making total asses of yourselves in public, the Ultimate Stag Treasure Hunt will have you scratching your heads to answer general knowledge questions - and whipping out the smartphone to photograph legendary Liverpool locations. See the Liver Building up close and personal. Do Ringo Starr impressions outside the Cavern Club, then pop in for a beer.

Cold brewskis are an important part of a stag weekend. We wouldn't want you to go without a pint for long, especially not when you have so many insane dares to finish! There are three surprise pub stops built into your route. Look out for the alert, and repair to the nearest drinking hole for a round of toasts. You'll need the courage if you're going to successfully complete all the challenges...

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend dares and treasure hunt in Liverpool
  • Photo and video elements
  • 3 pub stops
  • Off Limits accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained during sporting dares
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