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Kill the second-day stag party blues with a medieval masterpiece of an activity! We're taking you off to one of Lloret de Mar's best-kept secrets, a top-notch little action centre where the boys can try their hand at the ancient sport of archery.

Archery's the ultimate shooting activity, requiring nerves of steel, core strength and total concentration. Notch the arrow, draw the string and keep your stance fluid but firm if you want to hit the bullseye.

You'll be given top quality instruction by an expert archer. She'll show you how to loose your shaft (ooer missis!) and hit home every time. As your archery afternoon progresses, she'll help you fine-tune your aim and develop the release that works best for you.

Give the lads a break from the bars and clubs of Lloret de Mar's beaches, head out into the Spanish forests, and get medieval for a few hours. You'll come back feeling like Viking warriors. We suggest getting some healthy competition going between the boys, and possibly dressing the stag up as a massive chicken while you're at it. Losers are the fellers with the fewest points at the end of the afternoon. Make sure you agree on drinking forfeits for later in the evening!

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