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Got balls? Get ready to use them! The ultimate stag party obstacle course takes place 40ft above ground in an activity centre just outside Lloret de Mar. Question is, can you handle the heat - or will you end up stuck on a monkey swing crying for your mum?

From ground level, the high ropes course doesn't look that bad. Then you get up there. And start thinking about your hangover, and the fact that the people on the floor look smaller than your little finger. And how you're going to have to tough it out over 35 airborne obstacles before you can get back to terra firma.

Told you you were going to need your nuts...

This is the craziest, most fun stag party activity we've ever seen - for confirmed mentalists who want more than the average stag! If your best bud reckons paintballing is for girls and off road driving is for farmers, we reckon he'll love this. Even the maddest adrenaline junkie will have to tip his hat when he's navigating rope bridges, monkey swings and climbing nets at treetop height.

You'll be kitted out with some serious safety equipment, given plenty of instruction and a choice of three terrifying courses. Are you up to the challenge?

When you've recovered from your ordeal, we'll take you back to Lloret de Mar.

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