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After a night out in legendary Lloret de Mar, even the toughest stag party needs a change of scene. Combining a high speed hangover cure with a relaxing dip in a genuine smuggler's cave, a powerboat and cave swimming trip is the ideal way to banish the morning-after blues. Ooarr, me hearties!

You'll start your fresh-air adventure with a ball-bouncingly fast ride on the crystal clear waters of the Med. Your craft is a blisteringly quick competition boat, the stuff of spy movies and adventure fantasies, piloted by an experienced racer with nerves of steel. You'll be bounced, slammed and skipped over the waves at escape velocity, before charging along the Costa Brava on your way to a super-secret location.

After your transport drops anchor, you and your stag party will have the chance to laze around in the warm waters, snorkelling and exploring the caves and bay. Enjoy the secluded tranquillity and natural beauty of a spot few tourists ever get to encounter, before you're called back to the boat for your second breakneck ride of the afternoon. By the time you get back to Lloret de Mar, any residual alcohol from last night's indulgences will have run away screaming, leaving your stag group ready to gear up for another evening's excess. The perfect way to reset the ol' drinking head.

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