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The third largest city in Poland, and the one with the best pronounced name on earth (that would be Wooj to you and me, gents), has a range of hotels, apartments and hostels for the stag party. Question is, where do you stay and what kind of stay do you want?

Pick a central hostel or hotel if you want to cut down on travel time and boost your party quotient. Or opt for something in the 'burbs if you'd like to experience a bit of Polish cultural class in between drinking sessions. Wherever you'd like to be, we can source great deals on accommodation in Lodz: and if you're not sure what are the best areas to stay in, our stag party co-ordinators can help you there too.

Give us as much or as little information as you like - from specific hotel or hostel names to vague ideas about room sizes and accommodation style. We'll come up with the perfect price for the former, and a bunch of great suggestions for the latter: meaning you have to worry about nothing beyond finding your passport before you leave and staying sober long enough to sign the register when you get to Lodz!

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation however 3 - 10 nights' accommodation is also available.

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