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Get up close and personal with some of the best lady norks in Poland as your beautiful hostesses wind, gyrate and limbo themselves into positions you never thought possible. That's right, it's the eye-opening part of the stag weekend: a guaranteed entry to one of the hottest lap dancing clubs in Lodz. Lose yourself in butt-naked beauties for the final time - and fear not, when you go Polish, you go out in proper style!

We're talking Eastern European stunners performing some of the most provocative strips we've ever seen. Take your pick from a single slinky sizzler to a stage-full of lesbian lovelies. Whatever's your pleasure, it's sure to be on the menu. Your stag night in Lodz is going to be one you'll remember long after the knot has been tied back home.

Coming halfway across Europe only to find yourselves out in the cold can spell disaster for a stag weekend, which is why we've arranged for guaranteed passes to Lodz's premier lap dancing club. You'll be waved right in, no matter how big the queues or how incredible the show. Inside, you'll be taken care of in Stringfellow style, with wall to wall fun bags, naked chicks everywhere and a bar full of great Polish beer. Bring it on.

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