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Lads. Time to channel your inner Bruce Willis with a no holds barred shooting range experience for your Lodz stag party. We've found a place that'll let you blast holes in targets with a veritable arsenal of heavy duty artillery, from the legendary AK-47 to the gangster's pistol of choice, the ceramic Glock.

It's usually around halfway through the third clip that you get it. Blowing stuff to smithereens with seriously illegal firearms (illegal in the UK, anyway) is the most fun you can have on a stag do afternoon. And when you're doing it in competition with everyone else in the group, it's even better. Lock, load and blow your way to action hero status with a combination of small arms, assault rifles and automatics, in the best-run shooting range in Lodz.

You'll be given a full safety briefing and basic firearms training before you get in front of the targets. Your firearms instructor remains with your stag group at all times during the afternoon, and we've supplied an English speaking guide where necessary to help you with the information. All you've got to do is crank another shell into the chamber, line 'em up and let rip. Jack Reacher eat your heart out.

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