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Have a whisky tasting stag do in London and get some culture without going anywhere near the British Museum or Tate Modern. Get the whole group together at a central London venue, experience 6 different whiskies and have a bash at winning the blind tasting. Are you a Scotch specialist or a whiskey wazzock? Step up and take the ultimate stag challenge!

Whisky tasting is the perfect London stag party activity. Hungover? Hair of the dog is the perfect way to skin a cat. Still drunk after a big stag night in Soho's finest establishments? Might as well carry on. Did you know there's a whisky for every time of day, even breakfast? True dat.

Discover all sorts of fascinating facts about the water of life, trade tales of all the stupid shizzle you've done whilst drunk, and master the art of drinking whiskey like a true connoisseur.

The blind whisky tasting is always entertaining. Put all the stuff you've just discovered into practice and match 6 whiskies to their correct tasting notes.

Whisky tasting in London includes:

  • Private area in a central London hotel/bar
  • Dedicated whisky connoisseur
  • Ice breakers
  • Mix your own whisky-based drink
  • 6 whiskies for the blind taste test
  • Facts, fiction and folklore
  • Certificate keepsakes
  • 1 dram for the road!
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Whisky Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Whisky Tasting
  • Stag v Food
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

From £235.00

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