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Let's face it, lads - at some point on your Madrid stag weekend (usually the first night), you're going to drink way too much beer. The trick to surviving the rest of it is having a tried and tested hangover cure up your sleeve. And they don't come more reliable than a few hours in the Arabian baths.

Hot pools and freezing baths combine to sweat, steam and stimulate your system into action. The heat gets all those toxins heading for the hills, and the cold water plunge pools encourages the circulation to kick into high gear, speeding up the healing process. We've even arranged for you to have a full body massage to complete the cure. By the time your masseuse is finished with you, you'll feel like a new feller!

This is the perfect activity for the morning after the night before. At just 90 mins, you get enough hot and cold action to really kill the hangover, without overstaying your welcome. Plus, you'll be getting plenty of culture for your stag weekend buck. This place is the real deal - ancient Arabian baths run in the traditional manner.

Your Arabian baths package includes a transfer from and to your Madrid hotel, and an English speaking guide.

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