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Get a grip, lads! Oh no, wait, you can't. Because the gorgeous, naked strippers wrestling for you are also covered in chocolate.

That's right fellers. Boobie wrestling is the ultimate activity for a stag do in Madrid. It's the kind of stag stitch-up that's funnier than a viral video and sweeter than, well, a load of beautiful ladies dipped in choccie.

So, what's the craic? Simple. A couple of lovely ladies, almost no clothes, and a show that will be etched onto the eyeballs for the rest of your life!

In general, this is a spectator sport-but we're not saying the girls have never double-teamed a lucky stag. If that happens, you'll have to ask yourselves: who's laughing now? You lot, sitting on the sidelines? Or the groom, up to his eyeballs in chocolate and naked lady-flesh?

One for the boys to keep to themselves, boobie wrestling is an absolutely classic addition to your stag do in Madrid. It goes without saying that we won't be telling the future Mrs. If you can avoid telling the groom, too, you'll be rewarded with his priceless reaction when he realises what's going on!

Great for a giggle, and a high-octane twist on the usual erotic entertainment, boobie wrestling is the sweetest treat you'll ever see on a stag do. We're pretty sure you're going to love it!

In a nutshell:

  • Chocolate mud wrestling in Madrid
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