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Two words that make every man stand to attention: bunny girls! You can't go wrong with an evening spent in the company of the hottest ladies in Madrid, particularly when they're not wearing much more than rabbit ears and a pom pom tail.

Did we mention there's also a table full of booze? We don't do stag weekends by half, you know! Hobnob with the most beautiful women in Spain's capital, and toast the groom until you're as happy as, well, blokes who've been given the keys to the wine cellar in the Playboy mansion.

You'll get enough champagne to raise multiple glasses to your boy's impending doom, plus all the beers and shots you can handle. Pour a few rounds for the bunny girls, and see if you can match them when it comes to drinking games!

Hosted in a private room in a popular Madrid bar, your stag weekend bunny girls evening lasts for a couple of spectacular hours. Make the most of them with as much banter (and as many photos) as you can! After all, how often do you get to share the same air as genuine Playboy-quality senoritas, let alone chat them up and have a drink with them?

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