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There's nothing like a spot of high rolling to put the seal of approval on a stag weekend - and Madrid's well stocked with fine casinos, perfect for bringing a touch of Ocean's Eleven to proceedings! Cut cards like Clooney, deal like Damon and drink like a fish. Lady Luck could be smiling on you tonight, boys...

This isn't your average everyday casino: as befits Spain's cosmopolitan capital city, we've found you a high class establishment to try your luck in. Hobnob with the best and brightest of the Madrid social scene, share a gaming table with a lovely senorita or two, and practice your cultured smile at the gleaming bar. One throw of the dice could catapult your stag party to instant notoriety, or you could go broke and end up out on your ear.

What will it be? Cool as a cucumber, or crack under the pressure? We'd suggest donning your finest togs and making like James Bond, unflappable no matter how heavily the odds are stacked against you. Champagne cocktails first, then a careless hand or two of poker. Live the dream, win the bucks and enjoy the stag weekend to end all stag weekends. What's your lucky number?

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