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Madrid doesn't do much by halves - but it does do golf in short measures! Get involved with a world class 9 hole Madrid Masters tournament, and show the locals why they call you Tin Cup!

This is a genuinely spectacular short hole course, perfect for a stag party. After all, who wants to spend a whole day chasing birdies when you could be seeing the sights of the capital, or hanging out with staggeringly hot Mediterranean ladies in impressive bars?

Get your hit of golf in an easy to swallow, high quality package. Your stag party will be given guided transport to the course, and a civilised tee time that understands how the morning after the night before can affect your starting drive!

There's a full stag tournament waiting for you when you get to the greens, run by the friendly staff - and with a unique handicap system, even the amateurs in the group get a level playing field.

After you've claimed your trophy (or hung your head in shame), we'd recommend repairing to the 19th for a few beers and a spot of lunch. Relive the tricky holes, tell tall stories about windage and breaking putts, and head back to central Madrid for an afternoon of checking out the ladies.

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