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What do you do if you live in Madrid and want to go to the beach? Head for the hills! Spain's largest city has a thriving water sports scene, thanks to the sandy beaches and impressive lakes in the nearby mountains. Just a short ride away, and your cosmopolitan stag do could be doing what the clued-up Madrileno (that's Spanish for someone who lives in Madrid) does when the sun is shining: jet skiing on beautiful blue waters.

Making like a playboy on the Saturday afternoon of your stag do is more than just a bit of fun. You'll get to unwind, iron out the kinks from the first night's mayhem, and escape the heat of the city for a few legendary hours. Feel the power between your legs as you open the throttle and pound across the surface of the lake, enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the gorgeous Spanish girls who flock to the water to top up their tans. Oh, and don't forget to head over to the bar to work on your beer arm too. There's nothing like a nice cold, ice cold brewski after a hard afternoon's playing with rich boy's toys!

Did we mention there's often beach volleyball? Now there's something you don't see in the UK too often. Thongs and boobies galore await you at the end of your jet ski ride.

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