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Fed up of paintball-related injuries? Banned by Bridezilla from coming home with bruises? The Laser Gun Game is just what you need on your stag do in Madrid!

This high-tech alternative to paintball is absolutely awesome. It's kind of like the stag do activity Mad Max would do! Suit up in coveralls fitted with dozens of sensors, grab a cyberpunk laser gun, and go hunting the big man in a maze of natural and man-made obstacles.

The range on these laser guns is impressive. You can dig in to cover and take out the enemy from a massive distance. As long as you can see them, there's a good chance you can hit them!

You'll play a number of paintball-style laser games. Catch the stag, infiltrate the base, and double-cross the agents! Whatever the back story, the outcome is always the same: total laser carnage, with suits registering hits all around you. Can you keep your head as the casualties mount up?

The terrain at this laser battle site is rough and rugged. You'll need to wear a decent pair of trainers or outdoor-style shoes. Lace up tight, and get in the game!

In a nutshell

  • Alternative to paintball
  • Rough terrain-trainers or strong shoes are a must
  • Return transfers
  • Laser guns and overalls
  • All safety gear
  • 2 hours approx.
  • Guide
  • Multiple game scenarios
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