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Ay carumba! Mexican food is the perfect solution to the age-old stag party conundrum: how do you fit enough stuff in your belly without cancelling out all the beer? Hearty, filling and super tasty without being stodgy or OTT, a Mexican feast is the way forward. And we've found you one of the best restaurants in Old Madrid. Dos cervezas, por favor!

Having a big slap-up meal at the start of a stag party is the only way to roll. It's a chance to regale all the new members of the group with embarrassing tales about the groom, and get the boys in the mood for a night of hard partying. Not to mention the only chance you'll get to have a guaranteed good feed before the good times start!

Some stag dinners are a bit of a letdown - a couple of small beers and disappointing a la carte food. Not here. We've personally tested this Mexican madness, and we left satisfied and half cut!

You get three courses of bang-up Mexican grub - fiery salsa, enchiladas, soft tortillas, the works. And that's just for starters. How does totally unlimited booze, including beer, wine and cocktails, grab you? Thought so! Eat, drink and be merry. Madrid will never know what hit it!

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