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What does every man want to see on his stag weekend? Beautiful girls, literally getting filthy!

Mud fighting is one of our most popular Madrid stag activities. And so it should be! If the sight of multiple Madrilenas getting seriously dirty in a ring full of slippery mud isn't high on your list of priorities, there's something wrong with you.

If you're really lucky, the girls will be entirely naked. If not, they'll be clad only in skimpy G strings - and of course a liberal coating of the mucky stuff! Watch them wriggle and writhe all over each other for a breathtakingly hot round, then settle back and prepare for the really good stuff.

That's right, chaps - if there's one thing every best man wants to see, it's his oldest mate getting his ass pounded by a bunch of girls. You'll be in hysterics when the groom is bundled into the mud and humiliated by all the naked hotties. Just remember, he's the one who gets to go up close and personal with perfectly formed beauties, while you lot have to sit on the sidelines and watch...

Madrid is one of the most cultured stag weekend destinations in Europe. Balance things out: have an evening with some truly dirty girls!

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