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Forget Metal Gear Solid and leave Call of Duty to the couch potatoes. This is the real deal. Madrid's paintballing centres are some of the best in Europe, with imaginative designs and high tech equipment. From full scale mocked up battelefields, complete with tanks and gun emplacements, to forest and 'jungle' missions, we guarantee your stag do will get well and truly into the spirit of the thing.

You're camo'd up, crouched behind a fallen tree. Only a few paintballs left, and you can hear the enemy squadron approaching. What do you do? Lie low and hope for reinforcements - or go down in a blaze of painted glory? It's up to you. Just remember, what you do now will be talked about in the pub for the rest of the afternoon.

Let's face it, there's no point in taking your stag do to a city like Madrid and only doing the bars. Make the most of your last weekend of freedom, with a full sampling of the delights of Spain's capital city. Get the camaraderie going, sweat out last night's beer and find out what adventure-loving Spaniards do when they're not having a siesta.

Stay frosty, soldier. It's about to get real!

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