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If you've ever fancied yourself as the Cincinnati Kid, this is the activity for you. It's a perfect combination of out-and-out cool and hard drinking, ideal for any stag night seduced by the bright lights of Madrid city. Plus, because the Madrilenos don't consider the evening's begun until midnight, you can get in a hefty round of hold 'em before you head out to get hammered. Or, if you really want to get into the spirit of things, shove a cigar in your mouth and play until dawn.

Once you've assembled your high rollers, your stag party will be given a quick lesson in the finer points of poker. You'll learn the deals, the common hands, and the rules of the fastest games to pick up. Then it's chips down and jokers wild. Time to play for the big stakes.

Holding out for a straight flush, bluffing your way to a big pot - there's nothing like a poker tournament to make you feel like a proper bad boy. Live on your wits for a few hours. The poker evening is a fantastic alternative to the standard second night stag party fare. If you've rocked Madrid to the core on the first night, why not get the boys together for some high class gambling as the main event?

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