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Madrid might not have a coastline, but when did that stop the coolest city in Spain? Madrilenas (that would be the local's name for the lady residents of the capital) flock into the mountains for water-based recreation during the hottest parts of the day, so we'd recommend your stag party does the same!

We've found a lakeside pleasure spot that ticks every box known to stag: hot lasses, man-made beaches, bars and a ton of high-octane water sports. You'll get to try wakeboarding and water skiing thanks to a unique cable arrangement, which runs around a dedicated area of the lake. The tether and bar, which you would usually have attached to a speedboat, is clipped to the motorised pulley - all you have to do is hold on and stand up!

Wakeboarding and cable skiing look easy, but it takes a combination of strength and balance to pull off some moves. Doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about either sport, though. With a bit of quality instruction and a few tumbles into the water, you'll soon have the hang of it!

Escape the heat of the Madrid streets for a few hours, and enjoy some top quality thrills and spills with the local boys and girls! Perfect for the second afternoon of your Spanish stag party, when tired heads need a change of scene and a good soaking.

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