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Hungover? You won't be, after a few goes on the insane slides at Madrid's favourite water park!

The evening bits of a stag weekend are easy enough to sort: beer, boobies and more beer. But the mark of a real best man is made during the day, when energies are low and the boys need to be cajoled into having fun. Well, you won't find a better bet than this massive water park just outside the Spanish capital. Hilariously crazy water slides, wild rapids and chilled pools combine to bring sweet recovery to every man jack of your barmy army!

There's nothing but awesome in this one. We'll pick you up from your accommodation, and drop you back in Madrid at the end of the day. You get in to all of the attractions in the park, and because your ticket is valid from opening until closing there's no rush to get there in the morning.

The real brilliance of the water park is that it lets every lad have a great day, no matter how large he had it last night. There are bars, refreshment areas and loads of spaces to lie in the shade, chilling with a cool one and watching the ladies go by. So if some of the boys have overdone it, they'll have just as much of a good time as the fellers reliving their youth on the water slides! Stag weekend success is guaranteed.

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