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Steaming after a night out in Malaga Town? If the boys get all hot under the collar on day one of your stag weekend, they're going to need a quick fix to help them enjoy day two! Gents, we present the most effective (and relaxing) hangover cure in Spain. Welcome to hog heaven.

A couple of hours in the Turkish baths, and the lot of you will emerge feeling like new men. Luxurious steam opens the pores, gets all the toxins out and banishes wedding worries. A quick dip in a freezing pool kickstarts the body and gets your metabolism working overtime to burn off the rest of the crap you put in there last night. Then it's on to the warm bathing pools to unwind!

We'll make sure your stag weekend relaxes you as well as giving you the chance to blow off steam. Sweat out the booze, chill away work and wedding hassles, and float yourself back to full-on manliness. Then let a gorgeous masseuse pummel your willing bod into submission!

You'll get entrance to the Turkish bath house, a quality massage and use of a chillout room in this package. There are complementary tea infusions and coffee.

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