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Done more paintball sessions than you can shake a fake rifle at? Fed up of the same old stag party routine? Don't worry! On Malta, you can dial your afternoon up to awesome with a spot of archery!

Think you've done archery before too? Not like this you haven't! Chaps, if you've ever secretly harboured fantasies of being a lethal medieval assassin, this is your chance to find out how good you'd be. Other archery courses have you shooting at wicker targets. In Malta, you get a quiver full of safety arrows, and the chance to take out your fellow stag...

That's right, lads. This one's for real! Nock a quarrel on the string, wait for the stag to get a decent headstart, then wing him with a deadly shot from 500 metres. The boys will be calling you Robin Hood for the rest of the stag party, and you'll feel like the baddest mofo in the room. All you've got to do now is master the double tap!

Live target archery is the coolest shooting activity we've ever done. Unleash your inner medieval warrior, and hunt to win...

In a nutshell:

  • Awesome stag party archery afternoon
  • Hunt the stag with safety arrows!
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  • Archery
  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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